Pest Control Dublin

12 years of pest control in Dublin

Certified technicians

All technicians at Pest Control Dublin are certified with the Irish Pest Control Association and keep up to date with regular (mandatory) yearly training sessions.

Unmarked vehicles

While professional, we are also discreet. No need to alert the neighbourhood of any nasty critters lurking in your home.

Return visits

Many jobs, especially rat related, call on us to make one or several return visits to ensure the unwanted guests have been removed from your premises.

Best Pest Control Dublin

We pride ourselves in our work. We are a small, experienced company and every customer matters.

Whatever the pest is, whatever the dangers involved, we recommend that you get professionals in to ensure complete eradication and protection against it happening again. Some people have a go at doing it themselves but without the knowledge of pest behaviour they only make a superficial job of it – the pest will almost certainly return to make your life a misery once more.

We are on a mission to destroy and eradicate pests from houses and buildings around the country. When we do a job for you, we never want to see you again! We like to bring peace of mind to our customers, especially if the pest they are dealing with is a rodent or a dangerous insect. Discovering an infestation in your home is a disturbing experience for anyone. We are on call seven days a week to get to your house and make it pest free as soon as possible. We aim to ensure that you can get back to running your house and home without having to worry about what is happening in those dark places where pests tend to thrive in.

We do Emergency Call-Outs!

Treating or exterminating pests is not always for the faint or even hardy soul.
Pest Control Dublin can spot, identify and treat most pests rapidly and effectively.


Treatment & Extermination

Wasp nest removal

Wasps are very seasonal – especially prevalent during the summer months.

Rat pest control

Rats are a scourge in Dublin and are ever-present. There doesn’t seem to a ‘rat-season’ they are around summer and winter.

Other insects

Bed Bugs and Cockroaches are not native to Ireland are we usually find them when someone has travelled or imported food from Asia.
Our Pest Control Dublin solutions are based on a very high level of expertise.

We know all about pest behaviour and physiology, so that we can eliminate them from your home and put in place protective and preventative measures.

Trust Pest Control Dublin!

There are many pests out there, looking for a home to live and breed in. We all know the most dangerous ones – rats and mice. Others are harmless, such as spiders and flies. Some are just downright nasty, such as wasps and roaches. Whatever the infestation, if you want to be rid of the pest and get the knowledge about how to prevent it happening again, we are here to serve you.

And we aim to share that knowledge with our customers to ensure that their homes remain pest free once we are done with them. Trust Pest Control Dublin to help eradicate your pests.


Emergency Pest Control Call-Outs

  • listWasp Nest Removal
  • listAnt Pest Control
  • listRat, Mouse & Vermin Pest Control
  • listCockroach Pest Control
  • listBedbugs, Birds, Lice & all other pest issues


July 4th 2019
Sara Waters
“Super service! Would highly recommend. Just back from holidays to discover wasps. Obliged fitting me in same day as due back at work. Kids delighted to have their garden back. Very professional and efficient.”
May 1st 2019
Aisling Butler
“Trevor was our point-of-contact for rodents in a semi-detached residential building. He quickly identified the problem and its likely cause – recommending an excellent additional contractor to work on our sewers. Trevor was courteous, very quick to respond & act and was knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him and he will be my first POC in the unfortunate event that we’ve rodents again!”
January 3rd 2019
Cathal Mulvaney
“I recently contacted Trevor from Pest Control Dublin and needed their service to eliminate an unwanted rodent issue.They arrived in a very timely manor and identified the specific issue and problem area. They dealt with this issue very effectively and discretely too. I would highly recommend Pest Control Dublin going forward.”